​The Leviathan (b. 11,000 BCE - present), more commonly referred to as The Beast, was created by the Ancient Ones in order to become their weapon against Magic and the humans. The Leviathan was born physically genderless, though eventually became female.


Early LifeEdit

The Leviathan was created in by a team of Ancient scientists in a lab, replicating the accident that ended up creating Magic. However, the Ancients, intending to use it as a weapon, created it with a 'hole' in the soul that made her incredibly 'hungry'. Initially, it took the form of a giant serpent, though after a few months worth of practice it started to take on a human form. This form was featureless, nothing more than a bald head and a pair of arms legs.

Six months after its initial creation, it was visited by Magic. At first, he had no idea what to make of it, but started to teach it to walk and talk. This was the first time that the Leviathan had been shown kindness, as the scientists only treated it with a cold, professional curiousity. After learning to read, the Leviathan's form started to take on the features of a woman to reflect the princess's beauty in the stories it read, assigning itself a sex and addressing itself as 'her' for the first time. Magic, upon seeing these changes, was perturbed, as the Leviathan had yet to see the function of clothing.

Eventually, the Leviathan spoke with the Heir Apparent, Prince Ironheart. She gained his trust and he confiding in her one of his deepest secrets: that he had fallen in love with Magic's late wife, Heavenly Sound. Entrusting he entrusted her with a photograph of the woman in her early years, the Leviathan showed it to Magic. He stared at it for a long time before admitting that he wanted Heavenly Sound to walk beside him once more. For the first time in her life, the Leviathan experienced jealousy.

She began to change her form again, turning herself into a copy of Heavenly Sound - however, she did not take on her form exactly. The Leviathan also took references from what the Ancients and humans attractive in women and 'amplified' it to Heavenly Sounds form. To use a colloquial term, the Leviathan sexed up Heavenly Sound's appearance and used it as her own. However, upon her next meeting with Magic, she did not get the reaction she wanted out of him. He merely turned his head to the side, closed his eyes, and asked her politely to put some clothing on.

Discovering the HoleEdit

Shortly after taking on her now permanent form, the Leviathan starts to feel the overwhelming need to consume. At first she tries eating, as her books have taught her that when you are hungry that you are to eat. However, since she is neither human nor Ancient and is a being that transcends both species, she does not need to consume food, therefore her hungry is not filled. She would later 'overhear' the scientists talking about how they'd discovered that the only thing that could fill the void within her were human souls.

The Leviathan felt incredibly conflicted about what that would mean for her. While she did not know many humans, she knew how Magic would take this. However, the hunger within her became too strong and she began to attack humans that wandered alone at night. Eventually, Magic caught her and, in his rage, nearly took her head off.

The Leviathan tried to explain herself, but Magic didn't listen. For him it was the final straw: after she'd stolen and warped his beloved visage and been created in order to destroy him, Magic severed all connection with her. The Leviathan, heartbroken at the loss of her friend and only true friend, withdrew and simmered for several years in her own hatred. She would later sign an agreement with the Ancient people and help them to wage war against Magic and his humans.

The First War of the OrichalcosEdit

The Leviathan supplied many Orichalcos stones to her Ancient allies in order to give them the same advantage of magical powers that the humans had. By doing this, she also significantly weakened Magic, as the Orichalcos uses his powers as the Leviathan has none of her own. However, despite this advantage, during the war the humans instilled sure a fear of them into her that she decided to betray the Ancients and escape.

Knowing that if she were to stay in the World of the Living or enter the Shadow Realm, Magic would continue to hunt her down, the Leviathan created her own dimension. This place became known as, in later human religions, hell. Sacrificing the lives of anyone that was left on Mu at the time, the Leviathan slipped away into the pit. In this place, she was unable to die, but also unable to open the doors and go back into the World of the Living. She remained in the pit for ten thousand years.

Creating the KeyEdit

At the end of the ninth century, the Ancient King Dartz and the Mayan King Acalan used the blood, flesh, and bones of ninety-nine powerful shamans and the soul of a single innocent to open the cage doors to the Leviathan's pit. While she did not leave it herself, part of her power, in the form of the Orichalcos, re-entered the World of the Living. These events started the Second War of the Orichalcos.

Sometime between the fall of Tikal and the year 2017, the Leviathan gained a follower known only as the Horseman. While she remained in the pit, the Horseman did her work for her in the World of the Living.

Possible FutureEdit

Ishizu Ishtar, a human Seer, once Spoke of how Heavenly Sound would end the Second War of the Orichalcos by either killing the Leviathan or letting her live on Judgement Day. This tells us that the Leviathan may or may not die by the end of the series.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The Leviathan has taken on several forms since her creation. Her first initial form was that of a giant serpent. After that, she transformed herself into a featureless body, with no way to tell whether she was male or female. Then she took on the form of a more sexualize Heavenly Sound. However, as there is no physical description as of yet as to how Heavenly Sound looked like, there is no way to know what the Leviathan looked like either.



At first, the Leviathan viewed Magic as a close friend, though there has been some hinting that she felt more than that about him. However, after he severed all connections with her after she began to pray on humans that wandered alone at night, she began to despise him. The Leviathan often used her form against him, as she looked like his wife, Heavenly Sound. Because of this, he found it difficult to harm her on occasion.

The AncientsEdit

The Leviathan viewed them with a fearful respect in her initial days. She saw herself as the 'good daughter' of the Ancients, as the 'elder son' has rebelled against them. She fought on the same side as them during the First War of the Orichalcos, but was quick to turn against them when her own life was threatened.


Humans, to the Leviathan, are nothing but a food source.

Heavenly SoundEdit

The Leviathan felt incredibly jealous of Heavenly Sound's closeness to Magic. It is hinted that her jealousy sprung from feelings that she may have had for Magic. The Leviathan knew that Heavenly Sound was Magic's one weakness and used it to exploit him. Heavenly Sound and the Leviathan have never met before, as Magic's wife had been dead for several thousand years when she was born.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Leviathan, in her serpent form, is based on The Great Leviathan from Kazuki Takashi's series Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.


  • Magic may have let the Leviathan escape by sacrificing Mu in order to create hell. Whether it was because he was unable to hurt her while she was in the form of Heavenly Sound or out of his hatred of the Ancient Ones is unknown
  • AlcatrazOutpatient describes the Leviathan's fight with Magic as a divine version of sibling rivalry, where the two are shouting at each other "Mommy and Daddy love me more than you."
  • AlcatrazOutpatient also describes the Leviathan as being something akin to a test tube baby
  • The Leviathan's voice has a similar effect on humans as Magic's does, as it can force people to their knees if they are unused to such a sound. However, the Leviathan's is surprisingly soft spoken and refers to herself in the third person.