Pete Coppermine (b. 1999) was a student at Domino High School between the years of 2013 and 2017.


Early LifeEdit

Pete was born sometime during the year 1999 to a single mother who later married her co-worker. In elementary school, he became friends with a girl named Tilla Mook and began to take interest in the gothic subculture.

Domino High SchoolEdit

In the year 2013, Pete enrolled in Domino High School and attended classes there as a ninth grade student. He was seen as a rebel, though was considered to be somewhat popular. He lost his virginity in a one-night stand to his best friend, Tilla. The two of them agreed afterwards to never speak of it again afterwards and continued on as friends.

In tenth grade, Pete briefly dated Amane Bakura. Their relationship only lasts about a week before Amane calls it off. Unlike some of her previous boyfriends, she lets him down easy and explains that she 'didn't want to take another girl's man,' hinting at the possibility that Tilla had feelings for him. In reality, Amane broke up with Pete because he looked frighteningly similar to her brother, Ryou Bakura.

Sometime during the later half of the 2017 school year, Pete began to date Tilla. Amane and Duke Devlin found them skipping class to have sex behind the bleachers and advised them to 'get a room.' The two of them were embarrassed and immediately left.


Pete attended Domino High School's prom in 2017 and was fatally wounded in the explosion set by a group of police Converts. He died on the operating table a few minutes after his girlfriend passed away.

Pete's spirit was released into the afterlife by Atem.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Pete is a thin, mid-sized boy with a hollow, pointed face. He is described as having an emo hair cut. He wore a lot of black clothing. Amane says that he looks startlingly similar to Ryou Bakura, though one can assume that she is referring to their facial features as Pete's hair is black.



Pete was raised for the first four years of his life by his mother. He doesn't know who his father is and he's never asked. He gets along very well with his step father and started to call the man 'dad' when he was ten.

Tilla MookEdit

Tilla is Pete's childhood friend turned girlfriend. They were interested in the same sort of things and instantly hit it off. They trusted each other enough to have sex with one another, but at the time were not ready to commit to a relationship. Eventually, Tilla became his girlfriend.

Amane BakuraEdit

Amane and Pete dated for a week, though their relationship was based mainly on physical attraction and not communication. There was no bad blood between the two of them when it ended.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Pete Coppermine is based on Pete Coppermine from Kazuki Takahashi's Yu-Gi-Oh! R series.
  • Pete makes his first appearance in The Abnormal: Amane's Tale in Part 2: The Girl and the Dark Phantom.