Humans are a species of being that inhabit the earth. They were first created on the continent of Mu by Magic in the year 19,112 BCE. Humans were modelled after the beings known as the Ancients, though they lacked many of the traits commonly associated with their 'grandparent' species. After the Fall of Mu, humans became the dominant species on earth. They have a population of about 7.3 billion in the year 2017.

Magic modelled humans after the Ancient Ones, though they are not a perfect copy. Unlike the Ancients, humans have no predetermined knowledge: they are unable to walk or speech a language upon their birth. Humans need someone else to name them and do not know the length of their own short lives.

However, humans have something that the Ancients do not possess: a soul. Each human has a connection to Magic through the flame within their soul. Humans also have the capability to be born with the ability to use magic, unlike the Ancients who have to ask permission to use Magic's gifts.

Humans are not as tall as the Ancient Ones, averaging at about 5' 6" in height where as the average Ancient is 6". Human hair colour consists of shades of black, brown, yellow, and red. Humans and Ancients can have eyes that are any colour on the visible spectrum.

Creating a Human: Life BooksEdit

When coming up with the concept of a human, Magic creates a Life Book in order to keep track of everything that person is and does. However, Magic does little more than give a general profile about the human, stating things like their sex, name, and a few hobbies. For the most part, he allows humans to have faults and flaws, and gives them the ability to learn for their mistakes to become a greater person.

The one thing that he is controls in every human is the shade of magic within them as it controlled whether or not that person becomes an Other or a Normal. He also takes a heavy interest in which family each human is born into and when, controlling the creation of Abnormals specifically.

Life CodeEdit

Life Code is something that Magic can add into a human's Life Book. Life Code is something akin to a computer program, though it is for people. He can code into their very being an order or set of instructions, controlling how they behave. For example, Ryou Bakura's Life Code states, amongst other things, that he is protect his sister from any harm that he notices. In order to do that, his body will act independently of his mind. Hypothetically, if someone where to take control of his mind and demand that he kill his sister, his body would shut itself down before it allowed itself to carry out that direction.

Using Life Code, Magic has taken complete control of human's lives before. However, in the two times that he tried this, it turned out badly for him. Though in the long run, those two people become some of his greatest assets, even though one of them once punched him in the face.

After DeathEdit

Unlike the Ancients, because humans possess a soul, they have an afterlife of some sort. It is unknown exactly what that afterlife looks like, though there are some details. The souls of Normals remain on the earth if they are bound by guilt and are released into the afterlife when that guilt is removed. The bodies and souls of Others are taken by the Shadow Realm within minutes of their deaths. It is hinted that they become something else after they die.


  • There are several times where humans mated with Ancients, producing a series of half-human, half-Ancient children. These children eventually became the numerous royal lines of the world
  • On occasion, Magic would take on a human lover after the Fall of Mu. He usually ended up in Greece or the Roman Empire, which is why there are some many stories of demi-gods amongst their legends.
  • Humans are divided into three sub-categories: Other, Normal, and Abnormal. At this moment in time, it is impossible to place Heavenly Sound into any of those categories, though it is confirmed that she would be able to fit into one of them