Heavenly Sound (b. 19,112 BCE-19,000 BCE), also known as The Ultimate Weapon, was the first human created by Magic. Eventually, she became his wife and was the mother of his children. She died on his 1000th birthday, though Magic did something to make sure that she never truly left him. It has been foretold that she will bring an end to the War of the Orichalcos, either by killing the Leviathan or letting her live on Judgement Day.



Heavenly Sound was created by Magic because he was lonely and wanted a companion that was similar to him. She was based on the Ancients, though she does not have the ingrained knowledge and longevity that they possess. Unlike the humans that would follow her, though, Heavenly Sound was born in the body of a teenager and was never an infant.

Magic brought her to life with the first kiss in history in his work room, located in the Ancient royal palace on the continent of Mu. This kiss gave Heavenly Soul a soul and tethered her to Magic. She slept for six days before she awakened to see him standing over her. Scared and confused, Heavenly Sound punched Magic in the face and started to scream.

After being taught how to walk and talk, Heavenly Sound openly spurned Magic's romantic advances towards her, though did consider him to be a close friend. Going against all of the social laws of the Ancients, she defied her 'superiors' and claimed that she didn't need to bend to the wills of her creators as she was her own person.

Life in MuEdit

A few years after her birth, Heavenly Sound was kidnapped by the Ancient King Raa and used as leverage in order to control Magic's actions. She fought her captors tooth and nail, managing to seriously injure one of them before she was released. Afterwards, Heavenly Sound worked with Magic to free the humans he'd created in order to free her, who were being used as servants by the nobility.

Heavenly Sound began to return Magic's feelings and married him. They had several children with each other, who became the first beings to be born with the ability to use magic. Those children eventually married the children of the now-freed Normals, giving the couple grandchildren.

At one point in her life, Heavenly Sound befriended Prince Ironheart, the son of the Heir Apparent, Prince Tonatiuh - though she didn't know it at the time. Ironheart fell in love with her, though didn't pursue a relationship with her because she was human.


Heavenly Sound died of old age on Magic 1000th birthday at the age of 112. Before dying, she thanked him for giving her a shorter life, as she made sure that her years were not wasted. Magic then performed an unknown action and made it so that he would never leave her.


Though the two never met, the Leviathan took the form of Heavenly Sound for two reasons. One: she believed that in that form, he would be unable to ever kill her (she was correct). Two: she liked the way he sometimes looked at her while in that form (it is hinted that the Leviathan may have been attracted to Magic, though the extent of her feelings are unknown).

Heavenly Sound was the subject of a prophecy told by Ishizu Ishtar, stating that she would be the one to end the war against the Orichalcos. The Resistance believe that the key to finding her lies in the Thousand Spell Book, a book that Magic began to write shortly after Heavenly Sound's death. At the moment, it is unknown if she is alive or still dead.



Heavenly Sound was originally terrified of Magic, though they became incredibly close friends over time. In later years, Heavenly Sound fell in love with Magic and married him. She became his advisor and confident, keeping him grounded and level-headed. Heavenly Sound wasn't afraid to give Magic lip when he needed to hear it, but she also held him when he didn't know what to do.

King RaaEdit

Heavenly Sound openly disrespected King Raa, challenging his position in public and often humiliating him in front of very important people. After being released from his captivity, Heavenly Sound broke his nose and punched him in the stomach. The two never saw eye to eye and generally hated being in each other's presence.


Heavenly Sound found Ironheart to be sweet, though incredibly awkward. She never noticed that he was in love with her, though if she had, she never would have pursued a relationship with him. Not only was she a wife and a mother at the time for their first meeting, but Ironheart appeared to be in his early teens while she was in her early forties.


  • It is unknown if Heavenly Sound was a Normal, an Other, or an Abnormal.
  • AlcatrazOutpatient has admitted that there is a connection between Heavenly Sound and Amane Bakura, Magic's modern-day lover. She will, however, not release information as to what that connection is.
  • Magic and Heavenly Sound had six children together. They were named Leonardo, Joan, Cleopatra, William, Helen, and Attila.