AlcatrazOutpatient, also known as Lor, is the author of The Others Series. She is a Canadian university student who dreams of being a history teacher one day. Her pen name is based on a t-shirt she saw while visiting San Francisco, Carolina, though she never ended up buying it.

Personal InformationEdit

Lor has been coming up with stories for as long as she can remember. Her first tale, The Twisted Pendent, was co-written with a school mate and was about a witch who's soul had been trapped inside of a black opal pendent. Lor later went on to write and preform in her own version of Shakespeare's Macbeth and direct a class play.

She is currently in the process of obtaining her BA in History at a Canadian university. Lor is openly bisexual, though hasn't really had much luck when it comes to relationships.

While working at a camp over the summer, Lor came up with the first initial ideas for The Others Series, though the version that she had then was very different than the one that is being written now. After sorting out the plot and how she wanted it to go, Lor began to write the first chapter on a pad of hotel paper in a hotel in Monterey, California.

The Others SeriesEdit

Lor has completed the first book in The Others series main trilogy, entitled The Others: The First Year. She is currently writing the second book, The Others: The Second Year and will begin writing The Others: The Third Year when that is finished.

Aside from the main trilogy, Lor has also written a series of side stories that tell the story from the perspectives of different characters other than the main character of Ryou Bakura. The first of these to be published was The Normals: Not Blind, telling the story of the Normal, Duke Devlin, and how he is able to deduce information about the Bakura twins from what little he is given.

After that came The Abnormal: Amane's Tale which tells The Others: The First Year, as well as a few years previous to the beginning of the main series from the view of Bakura's twin sister Amane.

Lor wrote several more of these side stories, including The Others: The Lucky Ones, The Immortal: The Walking Stick, The Normals: Hands and Humans, and Twenty Truths About The World before creating The Others: Odd Happenings where she will continue to publish her short stories under one title.

Other StoriesEdit

Aside from publishing fanfiction under the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters fandom, Lor has also written two stories under the Naruto fandom. Entitled Just Konoha and Ten Tales of the Uchiha and the Sharingan, she describes them as drabbles used to get the creative juices flowing in moments of writer's block.