Abnormals are what becomes of the twins of Others after the Second Cut Off. While they are in the womb, Abnormals will steal a branch of magic from their Other siblings and take it as their own. However, as they have the bodies of a Normal, Abnormals are not capable of controlling the powers that they gain. They are constant and cannot be turned off.

Currently, there are two Abnormals alive, though it is hinted that Atem has met one in her past before.

Before The Second Cut OffEdit

Before the Second Cut Off, twins shared a connection between them. Normal twins displayed minor telepathic connections with each other, sometimes sensing in their bones if their sibling was injured or in pain. Other twins shared a branch of magic, like Enchantment, and shared that ability between them. If one of the twins were to die, then the surviving twin would lose the ability to use that branch of magic.

This is what happened to Bakura the King Killer when his twin sister died at the age of five.

Abnormal AbilitiesEdit

Sixth SenseEdit

An Abnormal has access to a rather warped version of the Sixth Sense. Because they possess the body of a Normal, they are not compatible with the magic that runs through them. Instead of sensing a thought-smell like an Other would, they have a series of images flash through their heads while they are assaulted by a massive headache. Over time, the pain will decrease, but once a new spell is used, it will return as sharp as ever.

The images that are associated with each branch of magic coincide with the type of thought-smell that their Other twin experiences when their Sixth Sense activates.

Connection to MagicEdit

Abnormals have an incredible connection with Magic, as they were created specifically by him for a rather important purpose. They are able to see and touch Magic, even when he is invisible to the rest of the world. One Abnormal, Amane Bakura, is actually in a relationship with him.


When an Abnormal takes a part of their twin's magical abilities, it is transformed into a specific set of powers that they can use.


If an Abnormal takes their twin's Morphing magic, they gain the ability to gain information about something just by touching it. This includes knowledge of the objects chemical compound, its history, and the ability to remember anything that had been written on it or in it. Abnormals with this ability would be able to know the contents of every book in a library in under half an hour, just by touching the spines of the novels.


If an Abnormal takes their twin's Enchantment magic, their mind becomes akin to a bunker. There is no way for any memory or piece of information to leave their mind, making them impervious to any form of mental invasion. They are the only type of Abnormal that do not feel the effects of the Ward. They also have the ability to retreat behind their mental walls if they are in danger and enter a coma in order to keep their secrets.

Amane Bakura is an example of an Enchantment Abnormal.


If an Abnormal takes their twin's Summoning magic, they gain the ability to see where magic has been used. Specifically, they can see the rips in the fabric of reality where Shadow Creatures have passed into the World of the Living, though they can also see where Others enter and exist this plane of reality when they teleport.


If an Abnormal takes their twin's Illusion magic, they gain the ability to read a person's life code. They can see what is written about them in Magic's Life Books and can, in a way, see the possible paths that that person can take.

The currently unknown other Abnormal is an example of an Illusion Abnormal.


If an Abnormal takes their twin's Medicine magic, they gain the ability to immediately tell how much longer a person has to live at their current state of health. They can also tell if a person is suffering from a specific disease or is injured in any way.


If an Abnormal takes their twin's Combat magic, they gain the ability to sense the flame inside of someone. They call feel the colour of their soul and tell if they are an Other or Normal.

Known AbnormalsEdit

  • Amane Bakura
  • Unknown male Abnormal
  • Abnormal from Atem's past


  • If the twin of an Abnormal dies or is killed, the Abnormal will become a Normal, as the source of their power resides inside the Other.
  • Most Abnormals have some kind of fascination with their twin.
  • The unknown male Abnormal has been locked up by the American legal system and is not allowed to interact with society any more. Ryou Bakura will eventually meet this Abnormal and become incredibly enraged about what he sees
  • An Abnormal's abilities activate at the same time that their Other twin's magic powers develop, meaning that they begin the early stages of puberty at the same time. If the twins are of different sexes, the girl will push the boy into developing his magic/Abnormal power early (most girls enter puberty at the age of ten, while boys start around fourteen).